Missouri Western State University seniors gave a presentation to the Human Rights Commission on Tuesday at the school, as part of their senior capstone project. The students are, from left, Jake Meikel, Jordan Alford and Kaleigh Pryor.

The 1-year-old St. Joseph Human Rights Commission is looking to reach a wider audience and inform more people about its mission.

On Tuesday, the members listened to a presentation on branding and marketing from a Missouri Western senior strategic public relation campaigns class.

The class presented ways to increase branding through logos, attending events, activity on social media and other tactics that the commission could employ.

Members of the commission said they were impressed with the ideas and the professionalism of the presentation.

Jordan Alford, one of the senior presenters, said the experience provided an opportunity to receive valuable, real-world experience.

“Being able to create this plan for them will be able to help them move forward as successful as possible,” Alford said. “We really like having the applied learning aspect at Missouri Western, and being able to work with HRC gave us that.”

Shelby Berkemeier was another presenter in the class and helped design the logo for the commission.

“I wanted to kind of utilize some of the elements from the International Human Rights Campaign logo that they have, so the equal sign because it’s internationally recognized for a statement of equality, and then I also use the olive branches to represent government and the peace that they bring to the people.” Berekemeier

Berekemeier said the class used surveys and data to see what would be the best way to let people know about group.

“Getting information out to the public and letting people know that they are here for them is one of our main goals,” Berekemeier said.

The commission will work together to review the presentation and work with the class in the upcoming months. Berkemeier said they hope to have a plan up and running with the commission by February.

The commission ended the meeting by asking questions and making comments regarding the presentation.

The senior class will continue working with the Humans Rights Commission for the rest of the academic year.

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