Robidoux Row museum celebrates 40 seasons

Community members celebrates the fortieth season of the Robidoux Row museum.

Robidoux Row Museum marked the opening of its 40th season Friday.

Community members gathered at the museum to commemorate the occasion and reflect on the past few decades since the facility opened in 1981.

“We also are opening some new exhibits today. Our friends at the Oregon California Trails Association put a special exhibit in our building of an actual full-size wagon,” Daniel Johnson, the executive director of Robidoux Row and the St. Joseph Historical Society, said.

Another exhibit that was revealed at the celebration is an oral history exhibit, which will include stories of those who grew up in St. Joseph.

“Our new oral history project is going to be us recording the stories of those who lived here, both historical figures that people would have stories about but also the everyday life stories,” Johnson said. “Maybe you were the mailman who delivered mail to the Downtown region for 50 years or you were there when the Spirit of St. Joseph sank.”

Johnson said it is essential to record these stories to have in years to come.

“We want to record those stories so people in the future will have access to them. We don’t lose them when people pass away or people move out of the area,” Johnson said.

Those who want to get involved in the oral history project can call Johnson at 816-232-5861.

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