Josh Prater, technology services employee with Heartland Health, tours the Mayo Mobile Clinic Care vehicle Tuesday. Visitors learned about the 150-year history of the clinic and advances in research and technology.

More than a century of medical history on wheels rolled through St. Joseph Tuesday morning when the Mayo Mobile Clinic Care vehicle visited.

“When the Mayo clinic started 150 years ago, the Father Mayo was an itinerant surgeon, he moved everything around the country,” said Dr. David Hayes, Medical Director of the mobile clinic. “Now it’s come to the point, with the improvement in electronic tools and tele-health and tele-medicine, you can provide instantaneous connection with other practitioners.”

That relationship is evident in the clinic care network where physicians can collaborate on cases to make more accurate patient diagnoses. It’s a network Heartland doctors have been a part of since 2012.

“We have the ability to get consultations, expedite referrals to the clinic and get second opinions,” said Heartland Health CEO Dr. Mark Laney.

On the outside, it looks like a giant truck. Inside, an exhibit of how the nonprofit was founded.

Originally founded by William Moral Mayo after the Civil War, the clinic now employs 59,000 health professionals and invests $500 million annually in research.

“The amount of information that was packed into the exhibit, the history and the lives Mayo has touched over the years,” Dr. Hayes said. “Whether you look at it from a patient standpoint or even politics. Because so many presidents have had a relationship with the Mayo Clinic.”

But this exhibit is more than just medical history, you can even step on to a platform, with a screen in front. Then watch a display that detects and mimics your movement, explaining how and why different parts of your body move.

“It helps tell the story of why we have an affiliation with Mayo Clinic so it’s really a traveling historic exhibit,” said Dr. Laney.

An affiliation with deep roots in medicine.

“It’s really about the content and how much about 150 years we’ve been able to pack into this exhibit,” said Dr. Hayes.

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