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A field off of Highway 36 next to Dollar General in Elwood, Kansas, will become a 30-bed rehabilitation facility operated by ClearSky hospital next year.

A company that specializes in rural rehabilitation hospitals is adding a facility to Elwood, Kansas.

ClearSky will be for long-term stays for those who need to rehab and aren’t ready to go home. The facility will have 30 beds. Elwood was selected due to the beds needed in Kansas as well as its proximity to St. Joseph.

Darby Brockette, chief executive officer for ClearSky, said the facility will enhance the local health care scene as it will serve some long-term patients who receive acute care provided by Mosaic Life Care.

“The idea is, if people need longer to heal before they’re able to go home independently ... they come here,” Brockette said. “A large portion of our patients are Medicare and elderly.”

ClearSky currently has five active locations throughout the country, and its building model is a $20 million project.

The facility will employ up to 80 people across all departments, with 60 staff members being medical professionals.

“We’re really excited to offer job options for people as well as in a small setting where they get to know their neighbors and are often treating your neighbors ... which adds a lot to the quality,” Brockette said.

Brockette said the process is well underway, and he is looking forward to the facility seeing its first patient about this time next year.

“It’s been such a smooth process with both Elwood and the St. Joseph community and health care providers and leadership,” Brockette said. “It’s been a real breeze, and we promised to be good neighbors and promised to support the community.”

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