The Hate Has No Home in St. Joe rally took place in Civic Center Park on Sunday evening.

The rally was put together by the MidCity Excellence and the Young Women’s Christian Association. The two felt that with all the negativity the country has been facing lately, this was a chance to spread positivity in the community.

MCE CEO Kimberly Warren felt it was a good way to address the issue and show that everyone can help.

“If we don’t do something that’s personal for our community, we will let the national narrative control everything,” Warren said. “If we’re bringing community leaders together that are culturally sensitive, it’s just gonna be a win-win for our community. And we have to remember we are doing this for a better world for our youth.”

The rally consisted of music, local speakers, prayers and a keynote speaker. Shirts were offered to the first 250 who arrived. Each speaker discussed their own experiences as well as ones that have been

covered nationally.

Warren said that confronting the issues will help increase the quality of life for everyone in St. Joseph.

“I think right now we’re coming out as human beings saying, ‘Yes, racism does exist, but there are so many solutions’,” Warren said. “We’re only one degree away from making this a better quality of life for all people in St. Joseph, especially people of color who have little to no representation in all systems of leadership

and administration.”

YWCA Family Resources Director Rachel Kretzer said that the last few months have shown that people want to see a difference.

“I think it’s a really exciting time,” Kretzer said. “I think it’s a time where people are ready for change. I think more people understand that this isn’t just an issue for Black people living in America. This is an issue for everyone living in America. And, in order for anyone to see change, everyone is going to have to get involved. And that’s exactly what our event is about today. ”

The MCE and YWCA each offer special programs every month and more information can be found online.

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