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Grandparents Janice and Hoard Harmsen are ready to watch their granddaughter Aly Viseli cheer for the Chiefs on Sunday at Super Bowl LIV.

For Janice and Howard Harmsen of St. Joseph, Super Bowl LIV is going to be a time for them to be just a little bit more proud than the average Chiefs fan.

Their granddaughter, Aly Viselli, who graduated from Central High School and is a current Junior at Missouri Western State University, has been a Chiefs Cheerleader for the last five years and will be cheering on the team in Miami.

“Janice and I, being grandparents, are both extremely thrilled about the different things she is experiencing,” Howard Harmsen said.

Howard and Janice said that Aly is very humble and places importance on the Chiefs organization and not herself.

Aly started dance at the age of four, was a member of the Central High School Pom Squad and has been a Chiefs cheerleader while going to Missouri Western. She aims to obtain a business degree and teaches youth dance classes.

“She has an unbelievable work ethic,” Howard Harmsen said. “In fact, I analyzed just how much time she was putting in — and she teaches dance, as well as going to the Chiefs practices and everything and also is a full time student at Missouri Western. She’s spending around 37 hours outside of being a full time student.”

Howard and Janice said that Aly is a very family-oriented person, and she always has time for her grandparents.

“Aly is a very loving person, and in fact, she never fails to communicate with us every single week, and we go out to eat together,” Janice Harmsen said. “Last night she called — I don’t know what she’s got up sleeve — but she wanted to know what size T-shirt I am.”

Janice and Howard said they were not big Chiefs fans before Aly joined the squad, but they now watch the games with much interest. Howard even said he gets so nervous that he will sometimes start vacuuming his house when the game starts to get nerve-racking.

They said they are proud of their five grandchildren and are known around town as the proud grandparents.

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