Scott Gann Construction is dredging Corby Pond instead of the city landfill.

The city of St. Joseph was hoping to save money with the Corby Pond project, but after experiencing staffing problems, it will now have to pay full costs.

The city initially budgeted $300,000 of the $1 million project to be used to dredge the pond, but then it decided to have the landfill do the work, which would save money.

“When we use a landfill for that, we’re paying just for fuel and some ancillary costs for them,” said Brady McKinley, the assistant director of public works. “So we were going to be able to save some more money and put that towards another project or put that into (Corby Pond).”

However, for months now, the landfill has been facing a staffing shortage. So in the meantime, the city contracted with Scott Gann Construction to begin the dredging, allocating $150,000 of the $300,000, in hopes the landfill would take over the work when it had enough employees.

That never happened. The landfill continues to be short-staffed, so the city is about to allocate the remaining $150,000 to Scott Gann Construction to finish the dredging.

“We still have a staffing shortage at the landfill, so we’re getting ready to put another change order through for the additional 150,000 and have the contractor on site to go ahead and do more of the dredging,” McKinley said.

The city would like to wait for the landfill to be able to do the work and save some of that $300,000, but the project has to be finished by Dec. 31.

“The administrative order on consent, which was set up with the federal government, gave us until Dec. 31 of this year to have this project complete, and we’re on track to have that completed by the end of the year,” McKinley said.

Public works is also receiving $67,000 in extra money from COVID-19 relief funds, which will be used for amenities along the shoreline.

“It’ll help with tree planting, seeding, providing some replacement trees,” McKinley said. “We had to take some trees out, so we will be putting in some replacement trees.”

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