Whitney Lanning announced in June that she plans to run for mayor.

Some local politicians are crying foul after a mayoral candidate’s campaign website listed them as supporting her bid for office.

An endorsement page on Whitney Lanning’s campaign site was published by accident, the candidate said. It was intended to be a practice page and never should have been viewable by the public, Lanning said.

“I’m not saying that wasn’t created for content, but if it was published and able to be seen by the public, that was unintentional and just copy and pasted,” she said.

The endorsement page was viewable as of Friday afternoon but has since been removed.

Among the names listed as endorsing Lanning were Buchanan County Auditor Tara Horn and Eastern District County Commissioner Scott Burnham.

Horn said she was alarmed to hear about the endorsement given her position as a public official.

“When you’re elected, you kind of just need to stick to your job and not endorse candidates,” she said. “I’ve had great friends that have run for office and I didn’t endorse them. I don’t endorse a candidate because that’s really not my position.”

Burnham had not been in contact with Lanning at all, so he said he was confused as to why his name was on the list.

“That’s why I was really surprised,” he said. “I was never asked to use my name, which is something that I take very (seriously).”

Lanning, the executive director for Community Action Partnership, said she hasn’t yet received any endorsements but hopes to in the future.

The Fraternal Order of Police also was listed as supporting Lanning, but Vice President Brendan McGinnis of the Northwest Missouri Order Lodge No. 3 said the organization hasn’t made any endorsement decisions.

“We have a legislative committee that meets with potential candidates,” he said. “We then report back to the membership and the membership is actually who endorses candidates. I also am in charge of that committee, and that process won’t take place until January.”

Lanning hasn’t officially filed to run for mayor as the date candidates are allowed to do so doesn’t begin until mid-October. However, in June she publicly declared her intent to run for the office.

Current mayor Bill McMurray has said he does not intend to run for reelection.

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