Fan give away

State Sen. Dan Hegeman, R-Cosby, takes one of 25 fans donated by Evergy off the truck to give to the AFL-CIO, which will distribute them to community members in need, free of charge.

There are a number of ways to beat the heat in the summer, and the act isn’t reserved just for people.

Lions in Africa lay in the shade during the day and hunt at night. Indoor dogs lay on top of air conditioner vents and don’t seem to notice their owner’s sweat.

The cool air is a natural relief that can help individuals not overheat during the hot Missouri summer days, which constantly seem to be reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July and August.

To help with the mission to keep people cool, Evergy has seen fit to donate thousands of fans in its coverage area, including 25 to AFL-CIO.

State Sen. Dan Hegeman, R-Cosby, is the north district committee business manager at Evergy. He handed over the fans to AFL-CIO Executive Director Penny Adams on Tuesday morning before heading to InterServ to distribute more fans.

“We’re doing this throughout our service territory, from Sedalia to Wichita, from the Iowa border down to Bolivar, Missouri,” Hegeman said. “But really, just our effort to recognize, you know, the difficulty our customers may be having this time of year, and trying to help out.”

Evergy went by KCP&L before the name change last year. Regardless, the energy company has given fans to AFL-CIO for more than 10 years now.

“They didn’t do shutoffs, so there are a lot of folks that have not been paying their bills, so they’re down money, and yet they still want to help the community,” Adams said.

AFL-CIO currently has 37 individuals on its wait list for fans, and it expects more demand as the summer goes on.

“If other folks want to join Evergy and their efforts, they can always pick up a fan when they’re shopping and donate it, or order them online and have them delivered here,” Adams said.

Similarly, in the winter, AFL-CIO gives out free space heaters to those who call its facility. The space heaters are donated by Heartwarmers of St. Joseph.

AFL-CIO manages the Help Me Hotline at 816-364-1131, which can connect folks with resources in town to help them in times of need.

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