State Auditor Nicole Galloway is gaining momentum in her bid to unseat incumbent Gov. Mike Parson.

In addition to a recent poll showing the Democrat in a statistical dead heat with the Republican governor, recent campaign finance numbers show Galloway is also gaining ground with fundraising.

In the second quarter of this year, Galloway outraised Parson by a ratio of more than 2 to 1. Records show the auditor raised an impressive $1.1 million from April through June. Meantime, Parson only raised $481,000.

The incumbent governor did have a slight advantage in terms of the total amount of cash-on-hand at the end of the reporting cycle. Parson showed a war chest of $1,548,000, with Galloway close behind at $1,522,000.

Down the ballot, incumbent lieutenant governor Mike Kehoe is holding on to a significant cash advantage over his likely Democratic rival Alissia Canady. Kehoe raised $144,600 last quarter, with a total of $360,000 in the bank. Canady raised $45,000 and has $34,000 in her cash reserves.

In the race for attorney general, current AG Eric Schmitt has a sizable fundraising advantage over Democrat front runner Rich Finneran. While Schmitt raised close to $91,000 last quarter compared to Finneran’s net take of $78,000, Schmitt maintains an advantage in overall cash on hand: $644,000 to Finneran’s $79,000.

Democrat candidate for Treasurer Vicki Lorenz Englund raised slightly more money than Republican incumbent Scott Fitzpatrick. According to a review of campaign documents from the Missouri Ethics Commission, Englund raised close to $31,000 last quarter while Fitzpatrick hauled in $27,000. Despite this, Fitzpatrick is holding on to a comfortable cash lead: $260,000 compared to Englund’s $17,000.

In the race for secretary of state, Democrat Yinka Faleti also outraised her Republican rival, incumbent John “Jay” Ashcroft. Faleti brought in $154,000 last quarter while Ashcroft only raised $20,000. Despite that gap, Ashcroft continues to have an advantage in overall campaign dollars. The Republican showed $323,000 in his campaign coffers while Faleti reported $182,000 in cash-on-hand.

Ashcroft is the only statewide candidate that is running for an office he was elected to. Parson, Kehoe, Fitzpatrick and Schmitt are running for a seat that they were appointed to, or assumed in the case of Parson.

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