Chiefs training camp runs smoothly each year due to many factors, one of which is a group of interns from all across the country working to give Chiefs fans the best possible experience.

Dr. Regan Dodd is a professor and athletic representative at Western and has run the group of interns for the past six years.

Each year the group consists of 26 to 30 current students or graduates from across the country to help with the weeks of training camp in St. Joseph.

Dodd said there are hundreds of applicants who usually apply for the internship.

They come from places such as New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Florida, Texas and Missouri.

“I’m so impressed by all of them that are willing to do these unpaid internships and travel so far,” Dodd said.

One intern who traveled far was Brian Turney, a graduate from North Carolina.

“Just having the status of working for an NFL team is one thing great for my resume,” Turney said. “I’m happy to work with people in a top tier organization and learn from them.”

The interns do a variety of tasks throughout their weeks at camp, such as driving golf carts, working the kid zone and helping fans with anything they might need.

“The interns are that source where fans can go to and get their questions answered right away and be taken care of,” Dodd said.

During the weeks of camp the interns also were able to take a tour of Arrowhead Stadium and learn about the history.

“It was my first time at Arrowhead, and let me tell you, it was an amazing place and the history behind it was awesome,” Turney said.

Dodd said she’s inspired every year with the new group of interns she encounters.

“Working with college students can be really inspirational, because when they are working as hard as they do, it sometimes helps motivate me to keep grinding,” Dodd said.

Every year Dodd hopes to stay connected with her interns and see them in new positions the following years.

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