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Charges have been filed against a former police officer at Missouri Western State University for accessing an email account that didn’t belong to him.

Quentin M. Laws, 31, is charged in Buchanan County with the Class A misdemeanor of tampering with a computer. A probable cause statement alleges that between June 20 and Sept. 14, he knowingly and without authorization accessed a computer system by accessing the email account of a Missouri Western employee without authorization.

The probable cause statement filed by St. Joseph police detectives alleges that Laws entered the locked office of the risk manager using his police-issued keys and remained for several minutes and that the event was captured on video.

The probable cause statement further alleges Laws accessed the email account of an employee multiple times using a computer not issued to him for his use and shared that information with others.

Laws is no longer employed by Missouri Western State University in the police department.

The range of punishment for a Class A misdemeanor is from one day to one year in the Buchanan County Jail, a fine of up to $2,000 or any combination of a fine and jail time.