Lewis and Clark

Both the state park and Village of Lewis and Clark experienced flooding in March, causing the area to be covered in debris and areas of standing water for several months afterward.

Jack Rodkey has been through three floods while living in Lewis and Clark Village. In March, heavy rains and water from the Missouri River pushed past the shores of Sugar Lake and into the small town.

“It’s just kind of status quo when you’ve been through them a couple of times,” Rodkey said. “Some of the newer people don’t understand but they got through it pretty well really.”

Rodkey’s home received $43,000 in damage, but the city councilman and flood plain manager had plenty of insurance to cover the cost. Something he learned over the year along with his neighbors.

“A lot of houses over the years have been built up and raised up,” Rodkey said. “So there’s probably two dozen of the houses that never get water in them. And we’re working on getting the rest of them. If guys want to go ahead and put in for the money to raise their homes and stuff like that. We can assist them with that.”

Buchanan County Presiding Commissioner Lee Sawyer said he has seen many communities like Lewis and Clark band together while Missouri waits for federal funding for flood victims to be approved.

“It’s been nice what has been done through churches, through SEMA and FEMA, the Red Cross have all worked together to try to help people the best we can in this time until we learn more about how the federal funding will help through this process,” Sawyer said.

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