The St. Jo Frontier Casino waits for the crest of the Missouri River until it can reopen doors and start construction.

On Wednesday the St. Jo Frontier Casino was forced to shut down as the Missouri River continues to rise.

“We closed the first time for 31 days, and now have been closed for a day and hopefully only a few more,” said the casino’s general manager and vice president, Michael Tamburelli.

In March, having to close for roughly a month caused the casino to sustain an extreme amount of revenue loss. Earnings were down 48 percent compared to March 2018.

The parking lot is now completely covered in water and debris.

“The land base was damaged extensively during the first round of flooding. We ended up getting 3 feet of water in the land base, but the casino itself was fine,” Tamburelli said.

That time, it only took building a new ramp and new entrance to reopen the building, but the flood has delayed additional construction and repairs.

“Our team did a great job preparing again for this event, and we couldn’t do it without them,” Tamburelli said.

The Missouri River is expected to crest this morning at 29.3 feet, which will be roughly 3 feet lower than March’s crest.

The casino is expected to open sometime next week, but management is still monitoring the river.