It was almost four months ago that Joshua Satterley lost his son, Cameron, but this would not be known to him for another two months when the body of his son would be pulled from the ashes of a house just two blocks away from their home.

Satterley said his son was like many 14-year-old boys. He loved to fish, listen to music and argue with his dad.

“Big smile; like a big mouth, so when he smiled it was like ear-to-ear literally,” Satterley said. “He laughed a lot, and he blushed. My god, how that boy could blush when you proved him wrong on something because he loved to argue.”

The two were close, spending time playing video games and wrestling in the living room.

“He was a mouse in my pocket generally when he was home,” Satterley said. “He was always right next to me. We wrestled a lot right here in this front room. He was very tough; he’d jump on my back when I’d get home from work and try to put me in a choke hold.”

Satterley said his son was a good kid, though not without his problems. Cameron was known to run away often, though he was always tracked down through social media.

“He kept running all the time, and we couldn’t understand why he kept running away,” Satterley said. “He told me it was because he was bored.”

Satterley said Cameron ran away again on Feb. 17, and for two months — social media silence.

“Those last two months, I already knew that something wasn’t right because there was nothing on social media; there was absolutely nothing,” Satterley said.

On April 24, Satterley received word that there was a body inside a house two blocks away from his home that had burned down. Even more disturbing, was the rumor that the body belonged to his missing son. The next day the rumors were confirmed.

“Until they pulled the body out, I thought this was just kids talking,” Satterley said. “I really just thought it was kids talking.”

Satterley said one of Cameron’s friends, who has since been charged in the case, came to his door the same night Cameron had been pulled from the house.

“He and his father showed up Thursday evening, and he told me that it was Cameron,” Satterley said. “He told me he was there, and the younger kids set the house, and they were just playing around and that he tried to wake Cameron up.”

Satterley said he is unsure of what really happened that night, and does not trust the story he’s been told by police.

“I’ve been working with them as much as possible, I’ve been patient, and I’ve been giving them everything I have,” Satterley said. “But I don’t trust them. I don’t think they’ve been square. I don’t think they’re telling the truth.”

St. Joseph Police Department officials have released limited details regarding the case, citing the ongoing investigation.

The mourning father said he is sad for the three young men that have ruined their lives by being involved in this case, but fears justice will not be served for his son because of the story that the tragedy was an accident.

“I think it was an accident up to the point where nobody called 911,” Satterley said. “Nobody woke up a neighbor. Nobody came up here and got me. At that point, it’s not an accident anymore.”

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