There is never a bad season to enjoy the different adult beverage options that the area has to offer.

The season of Fall offers a lot of opportunities for local breweries and pubs to have special events for the season. Weston Brewery Company has one event going on this weekend called the Weston Irish Fest. With events already started on Friday and lasting throughout the weekend.

St. Joseph local brewery River Bluff Brewing has a couple events going on in the near future to accommodate for the heavier beer season.

“So for fall events we have a Halloween celebration on the Saturday before,” Co-founder of River Bluff Brewing Edison Derr said. “We are going to have a customer appreciation day on Nov. 2. We have a couple special releases a couple rereleases, our barrel age stuff hopefully is ready by then.”

The pumpkin spice combinations is all the craze nowadays, but River Bluff Brewing is unique with what fall brews they have to offer.

“We have our what we call ‘Dirty Chai Porter.’ Instead of a pumpkin spice we went with a chai spice in our porter,” Derr said. “It has similarities and differences compared to pumpkin. That is our fall thing.”

Derr explained that it is rewarding and challenging to brew the heavier, seasonal beers because of the amount of time it takes.

“It is a lot of work to do those seasonal-type of beers. We are really lucky that it is a seasonal thing because of the amount of work,” Derr said. “There is also that time when we release it that we just hope people like it. Thankfully there is a big smile and a nod and they take another drink.”

One could assume that the fall and winter seasons would be the most profitable for specialized, seasonal beers. Derr agrees with that because of the amount of people that look for the fall taste.

“The fall and winter I would say people search out all the roasted and spiced flavors. You almost can’t release enough seasonal one offs,” Derr said. “But, there is no bad season when you are brewing beer.”

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