A few months ago, News-Press NOW discontinued publishing our weekly television listings in Thursday’s St. Joe Live supplement. We chose to run a daily TV grid that shows programming for a few channels in the morning and during prime time.

Many readers felt this was not an acceptable alternative, and I communicated with several over the phone and through email. Those conversations convinced us at News-Press NOW to do two things.

First, we will include a full week’s worth of program listings — identical to those we published in OnNow — in our Thursday e-Edition.

We will not resume publishing full TV listings in our print newspaper for various reasons, most of them involving the cost of printing and distributing. However, customers with a home delivery subscription have free, unlimited access to the e-Edition, where that week’s worth of listings are included.

Our e-Edition can be found through our website, NewsPressNOW.com, and through our news app on your smartphone. Subscribers who need help finding and logging into our e-Edition, or downloading our NewsPressNOW app, should call our customer service department at 816-271-8600.

Second, we’ve changed our daily grid that is published in the newspaper. Instead of providing the lineups for a few channels in both the morning and during prime time, we are publishing just the evening listings for twice as many channels.

We hope readers will find this grid better and easier to use.

Our daily grid appears on Page A7. Please check it out.

— Steve Booher

Director of News & Content

St. Joseph News-Press