The Friends of the Animal Shelter offers a half-off adoption event for dogs on the third Wednesday of every month.

The Friends of the Animal Shelter hosted their monthly “Half-Off Dog Adoption” event Wednesday afternoon.

All the dogs in the shelter had lower adoption fees, ranging anywhere from $10 to around $150. The cost of the fee was determined by the age, gender and vet history of the dog.

Shelter Humane Educator Aubrey Silvey said hosting the event is nice because it helps out so many animals.

“I mean, there’s just so many shelter dogs out there that need homes, and there’s really a dog for everyone at the shelter,” Silvery said. “There’s different ages, different breeds, all kinds of stuff. There’s dogs that have already had some training, some that are a fresh slate, so there’s really a dog for everyone here and they just really need homes.”

There are roughly 40 dogs in the shelter right now. The shelter hosts the reduced-price event on the third Wednesday of every month.

Silvey said that although the event is mainly to help the dogs, it actually benefits everyone involved.

“It just makes it a little bit extra special and it clears some of the space that we have here so that we don’t get overcrowded,” Silvey said.

Walk-ins are accepted for visiting the animals but shelter staff recommends guests make an appointment so they have a shorter wait time. The shelter also hosts a monthly “Half-Off Cats Adoption” event on the first Wednesday of every month.

All of the dogs at the shelter can be found online. If someone finds a dog that they like, they can make an appointment by calling the shelter at 816-271-4877 or going online to petforu.com.

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