turkey trot

Thursday morning runners participated in the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot at the St. Jo Frontier Casino. Attendance was good as 363 individuals walked or ran in the 5K.

Despite cold winds, the annual St. Joseph Turkey Trot had a positive turnout.

Families honored tradition and braved the cold weather and high winds as 363 people participated in the 5k around the parking lot of the St. Jo Frontier Casino.

The race raised money for the Noyes Home for Children, the YMCA and the Sertoma Club.

Patty Burton, a member of the Sertoma Club and race organizer, said she was proud of the turnout from everyone who participated despite the cold weather. She said the people make the event.

“It’s just absolutely heartwarming because it takes effort to do this, it’s also the kickoff to the whole holiday season, and it’s an enjoyable time for families to get out of the

kitchen,” Burton said.

One runner, Cameron Henry, said the cold weather did make the run somewhat difficult, but since his family started the tradition of doing the Turkey trot he looks forward to it every year.

“Going off to college and coming back and doing this, spending time with my family there is nothing better,” Henry said.

Medals were handed out for all who participated and trophies were handed out to the fastest man and the fastest woman to receive trophies.

“There are men and women here that come out and do this and so many of them will brave almost any conditions to run or walk,” Burton said.

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