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The Buchanan County Democratic party reacted favorably Friday to Joe Biden’s electoral college lead, as major news organizations placed him on the verge of victory in the race for president.

As of Friday afternoon, the Associated Press and FOX News projected Biden with 264 electoral votes, just six shy of the 270 required to win the election. The other major news networks, which have not yet called the race in Arizona, have 253 electoral votes in Biden’s column.

Votes counted in states where a winner hasn’t been called showed Biden leading in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

“I think we’re all pretty confident, the numbers look great,” Derek Evans, chair of the Buchanan County Democrats, said. “And I think there are a number of people who are just fed up. There were just enough people who saw through the BS and were looking for another answer, because Trump clearly wasn’t it.”

But local Republicans have not conceded defeat, even though a “Trump Parade 2020” scheduled for Saturday at noon was cancelled due to “hurtful people.”

“I absolutely don’t believe what is happening in front of our eyes,” Bobbie Jo Williams-Barrett, the event organizer, said.

Williams-Barrett went on to repeat fraud theories widely circulating on social media, though both Republican and Democratic officials have said the 2020 election is secure. She said Facebook threatened to remove her event because the title originally included “victory parade,” even though President Donald Trump trails in currently available results.

Dean VanSchoiack, a newly elected Republican state representative for Buchanan and Andrew counties, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday. VanSchoiack recently hosted a “Trump parade” in October.

Evans said a Biden presidency wouldn’t have a significant impact on local politics in Buchanan County. Local Democrats didn’t pick up a single seat in Tuesday’s election, even losing their incumbency in the public administrator’s office. Local Republicans won 91% of precincts in the county, an analysis by News-Press NOW showed.

“It’s two separate worlds,” Evans said. “I don’t think it gives us any indication that the people of Missouri are looking at Joe Biden as the answer. We have a lot of work to do locally.”

Republican Congressman Sam Graves, who represents all of Northwest Missouri and won reelection Tuesday, tweeted his support for Trump on Friday.

“Every legal vote must be counted in complete transparency,” Graves said. “The American people deserve free and fair elections.”

On Thursday, Trump sent out a tweet reading, “stop the count!” A spokesperson for Graves didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from News-Press NOW on the potential difference between the two posts.

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