Name: Sam Graves

Residence: Tarkio, Missouri

Party: Republican

Background: University of Missouri (agronomy); farmer; Missouri Senate; U.S. House since 2001.

Platform: Supports gun rights, strong national defense, reduction of federal regulations to create jobs, strengthening the nation's infrastructure, replacing income tax with a national sales tax.

Name: Chris Ryan

Residence: Liberty, Missouri

Party: Republican

Background: Park University degree in public administration; served in U.S. Marines; candidate for 6th District seat in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Platform: National debt, securing the nation’s borders, taking care of veterans and self-imposition of term limits.

Name: Henry Martin

Residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Party: Democrat

Background: Army veteran, served in Iraq; National Guard; math teacher, coach and school administrator.

Platform: Justice reform, infrastructure, health care and expansion of internet broadband.

Name: Dr. Gena Ross

Residence: Platte City, Missouri

Party: Democrat

Background: Minneapolis native; doctorate in public policy and administration from Walden University; teaches at Kansas City, Kansas, Community College.

Platform: Infrastructure, health care, education, expansion of internet broadband, public engagement, increase in federal minimum wage.

Name: Charles West

Residence: Canton, Missouri

Party: Democrat

Background: Culver-Stockton College; account manager for electrical contracting company; member Clark County school board.

Platform: Education, health care, infrastructure, jobs and working together for the common good regardless of partisan ties.

Name: Donald Robert Sartain

Residence: St. Joseph, Missouri

Party: Democrat

Background: Army veteran and National Guard, lifelong Missourian who has lived in the 6th District since 1980.

Platform: Reduce the national debt, balance the federal budget, institute a progressive tax structure, limit congressional terms.

Name: Jim Higgins

Residence: St. Louis, Missouri

Party: Libertarian

Background: Ohio University; retired civil engineer and systems analyst; candidate for office dating back to the 1990s, most recently for St. Louis County Council in 2019.

Platform: Follows the Libertarian playbook of reducing the size and interference of government and belief that government's primary responsibility is "protecting people from force and fraud."

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