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The final campaign finance reports before the 2020 election are in.

Local Republican candidates continue to lead the cash count, with two incumbents making the biggest splash.

District 9 is currently held by Republican Rep. Sheila Solon. She’s retiring after serving eight years in the legislature which leaves the race open to a pair of newcomers.

GOP candidate Dean VanSchoiack is leading the cash count, raising $7,721 in the last four months according to a report issued to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

After campaign expenses, he’s holding onto $7,923 in his coffer.

That’s as his opponent, Democrat Karen Planalp, is struggling to find fundraising leading up to the election. This past quarter she raised $448 and has $577 in the bank.

Planalp got off to a late start with only two quarterly reports (October and July) compared to VanSchoiack who began his fundraising in January of this year.

In District 10, incumbent Republican Bill Falkner continues to hold a comfortable cash lead over Democrat Colby Murphy. Falkner raised $9,621, the highest contribution his campaign has reported in any quarter since his first run in 2018. The former St. Joseph mayor is currently sitting on $16,968 after expenses.

Murphy hauled in just $1,080 in the past quarter, the lowest report of his campaign. However, he does have $2,370 to spend in the final two and a half weeks leading up to the election. But it may be considered paltry when compared to his opponent’s bank balance.

Meanwhile, Republican Brenda Shields, who currently represents District 11, continues to add to an already enormous lead against Democratic challenger Brady O’Dell.

Shields, who is running for her second term, saved her best fundraising efforts for last as she raked in $8,846. It’s the most she’s raised in a single quarter all year.

O’Dell brought in just $406 which is far short from the $1,083 he reportedly raised in his September report from 30 days after the Democratic primary.

The two campaigns’ war chests show a striking mismatch. Shields is holding $47,358 while O’Dell has $1,469 to use after expenses.

Republicans swept all three seats in 2018. The last Democratic representative St. Joseph sent to Jefferson City was Pat Conway whose seat is now occupied by Falkner.

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