Two republican candidates for House Rep. District 9

Dean Vanschoiack and Tina Goodrick

The Missouri House of Representative District 9 seat is up for election. State Representative Sheila Solon is currently holding the seat but is term limited this year.

Dean Vanschoiack and Tina Goodrick are running against each other on the August 4th ballot for the House Representative District 9 republican spot on Novembers ballot.

“I’m a Christian; I belong to Savannah United Methodist Church. I’ve been married to the love of my life for 33 years, and we have two wonderful children and four wonderful grandchildren who are being raised on a farm in this district. I believe being a life long member of this community is important. I know all of the towns — I know how to pronounce all of them and (I know) people who live there,” Vanschoiack said.

“I’ve lived here for over 30 years, and I’ve been out in the community a lot. I went everywhere with my daughter; we did everything. I love being out and about. I’m a real social person, so that’s been a really great part of campaigning. People sit down and tell me their stories, and that is the best part,” Goodrick said.

Being familiar with the Buchanan and Andrew county areas, the two candidates said they are aware of what people from here are asking for and need.

“I want to make sure our constitution is preserved. People are always trying to break that down. We just have to hold on and preserve that document our forefathers made the way it is to protect everybody here. (We need to) keep our taxes as low as possible, and if there is wasteful spending, cut that wasteful spending,” Goodrick said.

“I want to get government out of the way for people to do their business — To have a free market, an open market and have competition in the market. We need to get our roads in better shape. We have levees that need repaired from the floods. I’m also concerned with education. Every child in Missouri has the right to a good education and part of the states responsibility is to pay for education,” Vanschoiack said.

Vanschoiack said he is familiar with needs regarding property rights and domain, while Goodrick has noticed an issue with increased need for small businesses.

“I’m concerned with private property rights. With public domain and the Green Belt Express going through southern Buchanan County here, that’s a big issue. We need to re-examine imminent domain laws and the relationship the Public Service Commission has with companies that want to put in high-lines: Are they really a public utility or are they a private enterprise?” Vanschoiack said.

“(I want to focus) a lot with COVID-19 and regulations. I think people are tired of being regulated to death. The small businesses — they talk about how they were hurt. That is one of my passions: Helping small businesses. But it’s made it even more my passion watching people struggle,” Goodrick said.

The winner of the August 4th election will be on the November ballot opposing the democratic nominee, Karen Planalp. She is on the ballot August 4th unopposed.

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