St. Francis Xavier students were told to dress up on Friday for where they’d like to go on vacation. Sure enough, most had only one place in mind: Tampa, Florida.

Many are looking forward to watching the Kansas City Chiefs play in Super Bowl 55 on Sunday. The pride and spirit the kids have been sharing among themselves, decked out in Chiefs gear, is comparable only to the sense of accomplishment built on the final day of Catholic Schools Week, in which student volunteers benefited a number of charitable causes.

“I think it’s great to see everyone showing their support, and all of the things like everyone wearing Chiefs stuff and being supportive,” said seventh-grader Ava Bravo.

During the week, students heard from a number of speakers, such as children’s book author Lisa M. Hendey, who spoke on her 13th literary work, “I am God’s Storyteller,” and shared in the celebratory mood with the kids as well as Principal Darin Pollard.

“Let’s go, go, go Chiefs!” students of the Fox-Liles Early Childhood Center joined Pollard in cheering, at the conclusion of Hendey’s presentation.

Pollard, a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, said he’s come around to cheering on the Chiefs as the last three seasons have produced a team led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes to the very pinnacle of success in the AFC and beyond. There’s cause for speculation that this will hardly be the last Super Bowl celebration during Mahomes’ career. Maybe it’ll even become routine.

“I’d actually be happy to give the crown over to the Chiefs,” Pollard said, referring to how the Steelers as a franchise have the most Super Bowl titles in the league at six (a tie with the New England Patriots). “They got a ways to go, but I’m really excited about that. And I’m also a Chiefs fan, so I would really be excited if the Chiefs could win this one.”

For most St. Joseph Catholic Schools students, the earliest opportunity to participate in organized full-contact football will be freshman year of high school, perhaps for the Bishop LeBlond Eagles. Love for the Chiefs transcends love for the sport itself. And, for seventh-grader Aiden Reynolds, Friday was a fun excuse to hang up the usual St. Francis uniform attire and put on a Kansas City jersey.

“I’m comfortable, first of all, because it’s different than our normal uniforms,” Reynolds said. “And I’m also glad that we get to show our pride for the team in Kansas City.”

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