If your New Year’s Resolution was to travel more in 2020, you may want to start going through your filing cabinets because come Oct. 1, Missouri residents will no longer be able to board domestic flights with their old license.

At the moment, airports like the Kansas City International Airport still accept the licenses that many Missourians have. But in order to follow the Real ID Act of 2005, a federal law only recently put in place in Missouri, domestic flights will require travelers to have a Real ID, passport or passport ID.

“After Oct. 1, it’s going to be the driver’s license you’ve seen that has a yellow star on it, which means that’s Real ID, passport or passport card, or some government identification as well if you’re a federal employee or the active military,” said Joe McBride, spokesperson for KCI.

Along with domestic flights, Missouri citizens also will need a Real ID to get onto military basis and into federal courthouses.

The Real ID Act was established as a means of fraud prevention, anti-terrorism and identification security. In an effort to meet those goals, extra documents are required to obtain the ID.

“When you go to the Department of Revenue, or DMV, there are a number of items, ID-wise that you can take with you,” McBride said.

Missourians are not required to have a Real ID to drive, vote, show ID on the state level or for age verification. A Real ID is not necessary for those who have a passport, though McBride strongly encouraged citizens to get a Real ID as a backup.

“You have a passport, that’s good but if you lose your passport while you’re traveling, then you’re out of luck there,” McBride said. “So the main thing I would say is don’t postpone it, don’t put it off. We still have a number of months to go. So take the Real ID seriously and go ahead and just do what you need to do to get that identification.”

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