WARRENSBURG — Ashley Holmberg didn’t plan on performing CPR when she decided to take her daughter swimming.

Holmberg, a registered nurse at Western Missouri Medical Center, helped resuscitate a boy that was drowning in the pool Aug. 5 at the Nassif Aquatic Center.

“I wasn’t going to go to the pool, but it was a free swim … so my daughter wanted to go, so we went to the pool," she said.

Holmberg and her daughter, Morgan, 10, arrived a the pool shortly after 6 p.m.

“I had actually text my husband at 6 (p.m.), saying ‘Hey, we’re at the pool’...at like 6:24 (p.m.) I had messaged him that I had to do CPR at the pool,” Holmberg said.

After settling in to watch the kids swim, Holmberg said she saw lifeguards responding to a drowning child in the pool.

“I was watching the kids swim,” Holmber said. “I saw a lifeguard trying to lift a little boy out of the pool, so I just got up, ran over and helped lift him out ...he was not breathing, he did not have a pulse.”

Holmberg started CPR while another person, also a nurse, called 911.

“I had never done CPR outside of a hospital before,” Holmber, a registered nurse with 12 years experience, said. “The lifeguards, they all responded. They were great, responded how they should have and helped me do CPR until the paramedics got there.

"There was a moment when the little boy opened his eyes during CPR and I think we all breathed a little sigh of relief that our efforts appeared to be effective."

Holmberg said she has not had contact with the boy since the incident but has heard he is well.

“I’ve been a part of codes before...It’s intense for me, having done it before. I don’t know how (the lifeguards) felt. I think they did a really good job and responded how they should have,” Holmberg said.

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