Wehr runs the 5k

Tyler Wehr has been running for a while, but what stood out to him about the Donut Dash 5k was how relaxed the atmosphere was. He finished the 5k in around 30 minutes.

Rain or shine, people lined up near the Patee House Museum Saturday morning to participate in the 5th annual Donut Dash 5k.

There were about 225 people running and walking in this year’s Donut Dash put on by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

The route for the Donut Dash had runners going through historic downtown St. Joseph, like the Mount Mora Cemetery and Robidoux Row, and ended at the Golden Glaze donut shop and HiHo Bar and Grill for food and drinks.

Director of Communications and Marketing at the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce Kristi Bailey refers to the run as a 5K+ because the run’s a little longer than a typical 5K.

“It’s a 5k plus, so it’s a little bit more than your normal 5k, and it’s just a really fun morning in October,” Bailey said.

Proceeds from the 5k went toward local businesses partnering with the Chamber of Commerce for the Donut Dash.

The Patee House Museum receives around $2,000 every year from the Donut Dash. Museum Director Gary Chilcote said that events like the Donut Dash help out the museum and other local businesses.

“Well, (the Donut Dash) produces about $2,000 a year for the museum and our annual budget runs around $250,000. So it’s a the big contribution towards the museum and a fun event. A lot of our museum staff volunteers take part in their event,” Chilcote said.

Chilcote said donations are important for the museum because they do not receive funding from outside sources.

“This is the only Museum in town that receives no funding from anybody else. We depend on admissions and donations to exist and it takes a lot of money to keep it operated. So we do need donations,” Chilcote said.

The run is food orientated, so runners can grab a donut at Golden Glaze on their way home. Bailey said this is one of the aspects of the Donut Dash that makes it stand out compared to other 5ks.

“It’s fun. (Runners were) saying a little bit earlier, you know, ‘you run a little, eat a little.’ So you get to burn off those calories that you’re eating on your Saturday morning,” Bailey said.

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