Several people gathered together at B-Fit on Sunday afternoon for a benefit for Jared Dewey after he had a heart transplant a few weeks ago.

Jared originally went to urgent care where he was told he had bronchitis and pneumonia. After heading to the hospital, Jared found out that he had congestive heart failure.

Almost immediately after his diagnosis, doctors put Jared on a list for a transplant. He was seven place on this list at first, but after doctors told Jared he’d only have two more days with his original heart, he was pumped up to the top of the list. Within 24-48, Jared reached the top of the list, a heart was found, Jared underwent surgery and his transplant was complete.

Although doctors knew Jared’s original heart wasn’t going to last much longer, they still don’t know the exact cause of it. Jared said the whole thing came out of nowhere.

“I guess it’s one of those kind of sneak attack things,” Jared said. “They don’t really know the cause of it. Kinda think it was a virus but they aren’t sure, so we’re waiting on some biopsies to come back for it.”

Jared’s dad, David Dewey, said that the entire situation had him worried.

“For me, I thought that was a little nerve wracking and stuff, but for him he just thought it was another day at the hospital or something like that,” David said.

The surgery took place a few weeks ago, and David said that Jared has recovered really well.

“He’s excellent; He’s walking around,” David said. “He wants to get up and start working out, but he needs to rest a little bit before he starts working out.”

The benefit that took place had live music, a silent auction, food and more. Guests were welcomed to come anytime from around noon to 8 p.m.

David said that he was happy to see such a large crowd out at the benefit.

“It’s great for people to come out and help out with Jared,” David said. “They’re struggling with the bills and stuff like that. You know this is a set back because he hasn’t been able to work any all for at least two months or such. So benefit’s like this help him and his family with bills and stuff, so that’s what this is all about.”

Jared was also happy to see the crowd and said it was much bigger than he expected.

“It kind of just shows what kind of community we are,” Jared said. “That people can come together in time of need. You know people who don’t need anything normally, because I don’t — I never ask for help. You know, the fact that everyone came together anyway and did it just because they wanted to, it just shows a lot about the community.”

David said that he wanted to thank all the people who donated gifts to the silent auction, the people who donated food and to everyone who is a donor.

For people who are interested in donating to help Jared and his family, they can go online to

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