Olivia Enriquez, a letter carrier with U.S. Postal Service, stands by a ‘Card My Yard’ display Thursday off 22nd Street in St. Joseph. The sign, put up by Laura Dalakishvili, gives thanks to all mail carriers for the extra work they put in during the holiday season.

When mail and packages arrive, their arrival can bring joy but those who deliver them can be forgotten.

One resident of St. Joseph decided to show her appreciation of mail carriers this week by putting large, colorful letters in her yard that read: “Thank You UPS, USPS, FedEx.”

Laura Dalakishvili owns and operates the St. Joseph franchise of Card My Yard, a yard greeting service that partners with local organizations to help them celebrate a special occasion.

Dalakishvili set up the message Thursday morning in front of her house just off the busy thoroughfare of 22nd street.

One of her goals was to encourage others to show appreciation toward the employees who deliver their mail this holiday season.

“I had a few honks throughout the day,” Dalakishvili said. “I thought it was a cool idea, to get some messaging out there and brighten up some of our neighborhood. Postal workers really do put in a lot of hours. I know that I have packages about every day here.”

Dalakishvili personally got to thank her own “post office gal” Olivia Enriquez, who has worked with USPS in St. Joe for three years.

Enriquez said that seeing the sign instantly put a smile on her face.

“A lot of people don’t realize how hard it is to be a mail carrier,” she said. “A lot of us have been putting in 10, 12 hours a day. It lasts a good two months, even a little bit into the new year. It just was really gratifying to know that you are appreciated that much for what you do every day.”

Over 60 million packages will be delivered by the three major mail carriers this holiday season.

With few parcels in hand, Enriquez posed for a photo among the colorful letters Thursday and said that even a quick thank you from a customer goes a long way.

Enriquez said, “For people to just take a second to say thank you to their carrier whether it’s their regular carrier or not it, makes a big difference to us, especially if we are out here late in the evening trying to make sure everybody gets their packages and their mail in the best timely manner that we can.”

Dalakishvili launched the local Card My Yard franchise earlier this month, and those interested in ordering a display can contact her through on her facebook page or at www.cardmyyard.com.

“We have various fonts, various graphics, and we are constantly adding to that,” Dalakishvili said. “We’ve done a happy birthday, a welcome home, a cancer survivor and an adoption day. Graduation I think is going to be a big one. The possibilities are really endless.”

Card My Yard St. Joseph will start back up Jan. 7, but events can still be scheduled over winter break.

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