Andrew County sheriff's office

The Andrew County Sheriff’s Office can be seen at an unknown date in Savannah.

The Andrew County Sheriff’s Department is looking for two robbers who committed a brazen heist on the shoulder of Interstate 29 late last month.

According to an investigator with the sheriff’s department, a man pulled over to help a seemingly stranded woman driving a white Ford F-150. He was later held at gunpoint and robbed, according to the report.

When the woman said her battery was dead, the victim went into his own vehicle to get jumper cables. That’s when a man stepped out of the shadows with a gun.

“When he opened up his door to get the jumper cables, he (the alleged robber) held him at gunpoint and told the victim to walk away from the vehicle,” Brandon Taylor, an investigator with the sheriff’s department, said.

The robbery is believed to be an isolated incident. It occurred just after 9 p.m. on May 23 near mile-marker 63. No similar incidents have been reported since. Taylor told News-Press NOW he’s researched other incidents but didn’t find any reported in surrounding counties.

It’s possible the duo are working up and down the interstate, he said.

“It was a very planned crime,” Taylor said. “And he (the victim) said they (the robbers) had a Midwestern accent. So that could span four states around here, which doesn’t really narrow it down for me.”

The sheriff’s department has received some tips, but the description from the victim is vague. The male robber is described as “larger,” and both he and the female were wearing “COVID-19 style” masks. Taylor said the robbers told the victim that they were concerned about COVID-19 when the victim first pulled over to help. That turned out to be a ruse.

Taylor said the victim probably felt safe as the highway was still populated at that hour, but it wasn’t a passerby who called 911. The victim flagged down another person who stopped, borrowed a phone and then called 911. In addition to holding the victim at gunpoint, the robbers threw the victim’s keys and phone into a nearby ditch. Both were later recovered.

“That’s not a good idea (to stop),” Taylor said. “You can call the sheriff’s office or the Missouri State Highway Patrol, we’ll check on those vehicles. So people need to be cautious with going and helping people, especially in remote areas.”

Those with information are urged to call the Andrew County Sheriff’s Department at 816-324-4114. Taylor said the sheriff’s office has no suspects as of Monday.

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