Drug Strike Force serves two warrants, 13 arrests

16 people were handcuffed outside of a house near Charles and South 29th streets. Law enforcement made 13 arrests between two locations on Tuesday. Heroin, meth, guns and money found.

The Buchanan County Drug Strike Force and St. Joseph Police Department Street Crimes Unit served two warrants Tuesday that lead to the arrests of 13 people.

Warrants were served at two locations, one near Gene Field and Woodbine roads, and the other at Charles and South 29th streets. Officers made four arrests at the first location and nine at the second.

Drug Strike Force Capt. Shawn Collie said officers found heroin, meth, guns and money while conducting the operations Tuesday morning. Only three of the nine arrests made at Charles and South 29th streets were for the original warrant and drug charges, he said.

“The others taken were for outstanding warrants ranging from drugs, resisting arrest, anything from Buchanan County, to Jackson County, Missouri, to Warren County, Missouri,” Collie said.

When officers arrived at the Charles Street location, they used flash bombs in order to disorientate those in the house in case of weapons.

Officers were surprised when they found 16 people inside, more than twice as many as they had expected. They conducted the operations with no injuries.

“Some were hiding in the basement and so we got them out with no problem. You saw the K-9 here, we utilize the K-9 a lot of times and the big thing is that we appreciate the cooperation and the working partnership we have with the St. Joe Police Department,” he said.

The cooperation between the Buchanan County Drug Strike Force and St. Joseph Police Department is something Collie said he is grateful for, especially when his officers walk into a situation with additional suspects like they did Tuesday. He also praised the community assistance involved to help them keep neighborhoods safe.

“We’re limited on personnel and when we see the support we have here in St. Joe we, unfortunately, can keep very busy with following up on drug tips or other crimes related to drugs that you typically see. So this was a good effort with community members and our local law enforcement,” Collie said.

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