Dillon Company lawsuit

The Dillon Company’s former showroom is Downtown. A St. Joseph man sued the company for allegedly failing to provide work already paid for.

A St. Joseph man has filed a lawsuit against the Dillon Company for $5,000 after the company allegedly failed to complete work at his home and sold its Downtown showroom.

Steve Miller filed the lawsuit in Buchanan County’s small claims court. News-Press NOW previously reported that the Dillon Company sold its showroom to a new company, River Ridge Improvements.

“The Dillon Company has closed its doors, I could not contact them by phone, email or in-person,” Miller wrote in his complaint.

Chris Bennett, the owner of the Dillon Company, also is named in the suit. Bennett didn’t respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

He also hasn’t responded to multiple requests for an interview from News-Press NOW after word of the showroom sale and initial complaints from consumers.

Bennett or another representative from the Dillon Company have been summoned to court on Sept. 27 to answer Miller’s lawsuit.

River Ridge Improvements, the new business operating in the Dillon Company’s old showroom, isn’t legally obligated to honor contracts from the Dillon Company.

Pam Sten, another disaffected Dillon Company customer, told News-Press NOW she had filed a small claims lawsuit against the business in Andrew County but has since withdrawn it. Sten said River Ridge Improvements has agreed to install doors she purchased while working with the Dillon Company.

“I’m a bit apprehensive of course, but if River Ridge Improvements is serious about establishing a solid reputation in St. Joseph, they should deliver stellar work,” said Sten in an email.

Sten previously said River Ridge Improvements was attempting to help her.

“(A salesperson) explained to me that River Ridge is interested in establishing a relationship with the St. Joseph community and that they wanted to honor the contracts that the Dillon Company had with the community,” said Sten.

Two other customers told News-Press NOW they’ve paid for work from the Dillon Company but didn’t receive the service. One, Charles Daniel, paid $14,000 for a bathroom remodel.

Another, Elaine Stoll, paid $7,000 for materials she never received.

Matt Hoffmann is a our lead investigative reporter. He can be reached at matt.hoffmann@newspressnow.com. Follow him on Twitter: @NpNowHoffmann.

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