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Buchanan County Prosecuting Attorney Ron Holliday announced Monday that the child support enforcement division of his office collected $18,470,401 in delinquent child support during 2020.

“I am proud of the work done by the child support division during a very challenging year for all of us because of COVID-19,” he said. “We have experienced an overall general slowdown of the court process, which was certainly to be expected during this dangerous pandemic. We also have had multiple infections in the office and periods when we simply had to shut down to protect the employees from further infections.”

The child support division handled 6,100 cases, established paternity in 266 cases and filed income withholding orders in 5,824 cases during the year, Holliday said.

“The effort in our office is not to seek jail time for offenders. That is the absolute last resort that we consider for the failure to follow through on the requirement of a parent to provide the support that has been ordered by a court. We give them every opportunity to pay,” he said. “In addition, avenues exist in the community to help parents maintain current payments that include assisting them in finding jobs and improving their job skills. We aid those individuals to improve themselves and their situation if they so choose to take advantage of those programs.”