If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then showing a tattoo of Patrick Mahomes II that takes up the better part of your back to the MVP is guaranteed to make him blush, right?

Mahomes had a record-breaking season last year, and for engaged couple Emilio Sandoval and Chelsea Taylor, that was reason enough to get tattoos of their favorite quarterback.

“He’s honestly who Kansas City’s been waiting for,” Sandoval said. “He’s who Kansas City’s deserved and needed for a long time.”

2019 Chiefs Training Camp Leg Tat

Chelsea Taylor has a tattoo of Patrick Mahomes II on the calf area on her right leg.

Taylor features a tattoo of the QB on her calf with a crowd behind him — seemingly Chiefs fans and flashes from cameras. The work took four hours to complete and received first place at a tattoo convention.

Sandoval’s back tattoo is still a work in progress, with him only being under the needle for six hours so far. He estimates there will be another 30 hours before it’s done, and he hopes that happens before the team’s home opener.

The inspiration for the tattoo may be as unique as the tattoo itself.

“This year Jeremy and me were going back and forth for a couple months on how we’re going to beat the ‘Champ Stamp,’” Sandoval said.

The “Champ Stamp” is a lower-back tattoo a male audience member showed Mahomes during a “Jimmy Kimmell Live” appearance. After the show, Mahomes signed the man’s back.

“And that one was out of L.A.,” Sandolval said. “This is K.C. You know, this is homegrown hometown, so we definitely want to get it signed.”

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