Mosaic Administration take the vaccine together in late December. From left to right: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Davin Turner, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mark Laney, Chief Quality Officer Dr. Edward Kammerer. Mosaic Life Care will be a part of a partnership that will administer Phase 1B vaccines.

Mosaic Life Care, the Region H Health Care Coalition and the City of St. Joseph announced on Friday evening they are planning to partner to administer phase 1B for the COVID-19 vaccine, although this will all be dependent on allotments of the vaccine.

Health Director Debra Bradley said Wednesday she believed a majority of phase 1A — which includes forward-facing healthcare workers — would be vaccinated by the end of the week. Over 600 healthcare workers were vaccinated by the health department in vaccination clinics over three days.

Now the city, health department, and hospital are looking to make the transition into phase 1B where public safety officers will be vaccinated first using the remaining of 800 Pfizer vaccines allocated to the St. Joseph Health Department last week, and the vaccines currently are stored in Mosaic cold storage, according to Mary Robertson, city spokesperson.

Mosaic Life Care Chief Medical Officer Dr. Davin Turner said in a Facebook video that administering the vaccine will be dependent on vaccine allotments and the supply chain.

“Our biggest hurdle right now is how much vaccine we are receiving, but we are working with the state to increase the amount for our area,” Turner said.

Turner said that the partnership will work together to provide vaccines to the area.

“Our partnership with the city of St. Joseph and the Region H Healthcare Coalition is committed to making sure those people in our region who want to be vaccinated will get vaccinated,” Turner said.

Information on how to sign up for the vaccine in tier 1B through this partnership will be made available soon, Mosaic Life Care Spokesperson Joey Austin said.

In Missouri over 200,000 vaccines have been administered according to Gov. Mike Parson, R-Missouri. This number is much lower than initial projections by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Director Dr. Randall Williams in December, he said Missouri would vaccinate over 300,000 people by the start of January.

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