Rogers Pharmacy is one of the locations in Buchanan County providing the COVID-19 vaccine. The pharmacy uses a space in their new location for vaccinating people.

As supply of the COVID-19 vaccine increases, 15% of the weekly allotment in Missouri now will be sent to pharmacies throughout the state, Gov. Mike Parson, R-Missouri, announced Thursday.

Additionally, Parson said of the 50,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines, 5,000 will be used for vaccination sites in St. Louis and Kansas City, 10,000 will go to regional mass vaccination sites and 35,000 will be distributed to other providers throughout the state.

Parson said 161 pharmacies were selected throughout the state for the partnership. The pharmacies that will be part of the partnership were not announced.

Rogers Pharmacy in St. Joseph had been requesting vaccines every week, but they just recently started to receive them. To this point, Rogers has administered 700 Moderna vaccines and expects to receive 300 Johnson & Johnson vaccines a week.

Rex Robinson, Rogers Pharmacy pharmacist, said at first the waiting list was extensive.

“Our waiting list reached 4,000 people at one time, but with the various agencies, it got to the point where when we got the vaccine, it would take us 10 phone calls to find one person who still wanted it,” Robinson said. “It was very tedious going through that process, but we got through that initial list, so now we’re ready to start a new list.

“We’re starting to see a supply come in, and we’re trying to stay on top of it and get anybody who wants the vaccine taken care of as this next tier gets ready to open up here,” Robinson said.

Starting March 15, phase 1B tier 3 will be open for over half a million essential workers.

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