EMT's assist with COVID-19 vaccination

Buchanan County EMS Executive Director Patrick Wallace discusses local EMT’s assisting to administer COVID vaccinations.

When people go to receive their COVID-19 vaccination, they may be met by a first responder.

Buchanan County EMS has placed some EMTs at local vaccination clinics to help administer the shots. The EMTs work locations at both East Hills Shopping Center and the Civic Arena as vaccine rollout to the community continues.

EMTs were not recipients of the vaccine, but Buchanan County EMS Executive Director Patrick Wallace said they still will do whatever they can to help people in the community get the COVID-19 vaccination.

“We were not designated as a vaccine recipient but there is a need to vaccinate people, so Buchanan County EMS have been putting staff at both of the vaccination sites,” he said.

The vaccination clinics are not only helping fight COVID-19, but are giving EMTs the chance to interact with the community in a different way than usual.

“They said people are very appreciative and they enjoy the community contact because normally, when we’re in contact with people, they are hurt or ill. People are not hurt or ill obviously, so it’s nice to see people in a normal light than we do on our day to day jobs,” Patrick said.

Patrick said he hopes more vaccines will be readily available to the community.

“Now as they get more vaccine, they can schedule more people. The area out here has potential for expanding, so if that is the case then we will put the resources that we can to help in giving vaccines no matter the number they have,” Patrick said.

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