Commuting rates have been down significantly as a result of people staying in their houses during stay-at-home orders.

Working from home has benefited consumers’ pockets at the gas pumps, but another way they may be saving is from their auto insurance.

Nationwide, auto insurers have frozen monthly payments or allowed customers to not pay their rate on the specific due date. The big brands also have been giving customers credit or money returns during the pandemic.

“There aren’t nearly as many drivers on the road or as many accidents,” Trent Bugbee, an Allstate agency owner in town, said. “So we are saving all that money and we are paying it back to the customers.”

Allstate is offering a deal of 15% off premium payments for the months of April and May. This comes out to a total of $600 million of payback to customers in the U.S., according to Allstate.

American Family Insurance is more local to the Midwest. The company also is helping out customers in this tough time.

“We have a premium relief program,” Matt Thrasher, an American Family Insurance agency owner, said. “American Family is giving back $200 million to our customers, which averages out to around 50 bucks a vehicle.”

A family with three insured cars would receive a total of $150. This is just the first payment. As the pandemic is not predictable, neither is the auto insurance industry.

“There have been talks that if this continues to go on that another premium relief package will be implemented,” Thrasher said.

State Farm is giving back $2 billion nationally, with an average of 25% back on payments for most customers. State Farm also is allowing delayed payments for auto plans in March, April and May.

“In St. Joseph we have customers that are waiters, restaurant workers that are not able to work,” Philip Stueve, a State Farm Insurance agent, said. “So I am glad that our company could at least do our part in helping them out.”

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