Best Summer Camp Prepares for Kids Again

Over 11 weeks, 120 kids will attend summer camp in St. Joseph and Savannah.

A popular summer camp will be able to allow a greater number of kids to attend this year as COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift.

“Last year we only had about 40 kids that we split into two buildings,” said Katie Barnes of Best Summer Camp. “They had more space to run around and we came out to the campground a lot where we were outside and away from most of the general public.”

All camp spots were filled this week and 120 kids will be attending this summer. When school wraps up kids ages 5 through 12 will have the chance to learn and explore over an 11-week period.

“If we don’t have field trips planned that day we stay on site and go to stations,” Barnes said.

There will be STEM activities, computers, video games and arts and crafts, along with a music room and nearby kickball field. The groups also plan to visit the Belt Bowl, Joe Town Mini Golf, B&J Skate Center, Remington Nature Center, and Chiefs Training Camps.

Swimming this year will take place at the Barnes Acre Campgrounds instead of the city’s Aquatic Park. There will be nature walks, scavenger hunts, water relay races and a fishing derby.

“This is our ninth year and our big focus at camp is anti-bullying,” Barnes said. “We have a leadership program for ages 10 to 12 and we work with them on what to do if they see any bullying happening.”

The overall goal of camp is to make it inclusive to kids and provide somewhere they can be themselves.

“They will do activities to build self esteem and confidence,” Barnes said.

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