With COVID-19 total amount of deaths and cases the Missouri DHSS website has lagged behind, and the reason could be the county health departments not updating the records in the shared system.

There has been a lag in numbers recorded for COVID-19 on the state Department of Health and Senior Services dashboard.

Multiple examples showcase numbers of deaths being behind for multiple weeks on the state DHSS website.

Nodaway County currently has seven COVID-19 deaths, but on the state website it lists them as having one.

The Nodaway County Health Department was unable to be reached for comment.

In Buchanan County two deaths were announced Tuesday afternoon, raising the total number to 16. Before this, the state had reported 12 deaths compared to what the St. Joseph Health Department recorded at 14.

In an email to News-Press NOW, Missouri DHSS spokesperson Lisa Cox said most often they find the county still needs to update the record in the shared system. Cox said she is checking with the regional epidemiologist on looking into the discrepancy between numbers, but as of time of publication News-Press NOW has not received an update.

The St. Joseph Health Department said they had noticed the slight lag in deaths being reported on the Missouri DHSS site.

Health Department health educator Nancy King said they update the information daily, and have usually seen the state be accurate on what the COVID-19 dashboard was showing.

King said the most up-to-date information is available within the daily briefings, which the health department posts through Facebook in the afternoon.

In the past couple weeks around the region, the COVID-19 dashboard has lagged when tallying COVID-19 positive cases.

The Missouri DHSS COVID-19 dashboard has an interactive map and showcases deaths and cases within counties as well as running state totals.

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