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A clinic in Cameron has been open twice a week for antibody infusion treatment to combat COVID-19 and has seen close to 150 patients.

State-run and local antibody infusion clinics will remain open as demand for the treatment for COVID-19 remains steady.

The antibody infusion treatment is used for people who have COVID-19 or are at high risk for it and have been exposed to someone who is sick to keep those individuals out of the hospital.

Blair Shock, the Clinton County health administrator, said the clinic in Cameron will remain open for the immediate future, as they have had about 150 patients use the treatments. The center is open two times a week with the capacity to treat 40 patients a day.

Shock said the treatment has had positive results regarding limiting serious infection. He said most of those who have taken the treatment in Cameron weren’t vaccinated.

“We do find it interesting that patients aren’t willing to partake in FDA approved, at this point, an effective and extraordinarily safe vaccine, but when they’re confronted with an actual infection, they’re willing to take in what is an experimental drug that’s being used under emergency-use authorization. The irony has not escaped us ... we want people to recover, not suffer,” Shock said.

The clinic will continue to be staffed by medical professionals from across the region, although the labor force has been tight at area health agencies. Shock said it is more important than ever for people to get vaccinated.

“If you are concerned about the tangible side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccinations, it just doesn’t make sense,” Shock said. As more and more people become intimately aware of the suffering and death associated with this illness ... we find more folks who are willing to really substantiate access and choosing which risk is greater for them and choosing to be vaccinated,” Shock said.

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