Local family’s community food table continues to grow every day as donations keep coming in.

A few weeks ago, a local family set up a table on their front porch with a few food items out for those who needed a little extra help. After an article from News-Press NOW, the family’s expectations from what would come from the table were quickly passed.

Over the last few weeks, the family has had several people reach out. People have dropped off items and donated money. Some of the items available are fresh fruits and vegetables, cereal, canned items, socks, soap, sleeping mats for the homeless and much more.

Adrienne Casey said that she thinks the table is extremely important to have around as people are still struggling due to COVID-19.

“People are under the misconception that this pandemic emergency is over, and it’s not,” Casey said. “Just because Missouri hasn’t been hit as hard as other places doesn’t mean that it’s over. It also doesn’t mean that people have automatically gone back to work. A lot of jobs just don’t exist right now.”

The idea came after Casey had a realization that broke her heart. Casey had found an apple in her house that was rotting on one side. Deciding to get rid of it, she threw the apple into her yard for animals to eat. The next morning, she found the apple sitting on her porch, half eaten around the rotted portion. She said she could tell from the bites that it was eaten by a human. After seeing that someone would eat an apple that wasn’t in the best condition, she realized that several are struggling right now.

Casey said the only negative response was an incident on Twitter where someone accused her of selling the items.

“That kind of hurt my feelings because I’m trying to do something nice,” Casey said. “For someone to accuse you of looting and stealing and selling it for our own profit ... that bothered me a little bit. But it’s the only negative that I’ve had.”

Over the last few weeks, the family has received several donations in food, diapers, money, etc. All items sit on the porch and are available first come first serve. The table is set up 24/7 and is restocked almost daily. For those who want to donate or need help, they can go to 1111 S. 15th St.