Co-owner of Colony House Furniture and Bedding Aaron Frazier stands in front the building on Saturday morning. The store will reopen in the next seven to 10 days.

The Colony House is closed due to flood damage and will remain so for between seven and 10 days.

The carpeting has mud and water damage, and most of the furniture has either been removed or placed on higher ground.

The parking lot and storefront are mostly covered with slippery mud. Large puddles of water sit around the building itself.

Since Colony House opened almost 57 years ago, co-owner Aaron Frazier said his family has had to deal with around five floods affecting the store.

“We’re fairly used to that because the 102 River is about a quarter mile down the road behind us. It tends to leave its banks quite often,” Frazier said.

“This is not our first time that this has happened,” Frazier said. “What was surprising to me was that the floor had moved so far up, and so that will have to be completely demo-ed and replaced,” Frazier said.

The owners of the Colony House and friends in the community have worked together to repair damages from the flood. Frazier said he’s been moving the furniture to higher ground, cleaning the mud out of the carpets and planting flowers.

Moving is not an option for the business.

“Here’s the side that we have — we have no debt,” Frazier said. “We own our we own our building and our land outright, and people know where we are. And to find a building that is over 40,000 square feet, and you have 6 acres worth of land, that’s really tough to do. And when it only happens every 12 years or so there’s no reason to do it.”

The Colony House will have a flood sale when flooding has decreased.

“It will be a great time, great savings and there’ll be no damaged goods sold,” Frazier said. “So don’t think of it like that. We will not sell flood-damaged items at all. Those will be disposed of, but we will mark down. You’ll be able to take extra discounts off of our everyday furniture.”

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