Fire Station No. 8 on Mitchell Avenue near 33rd Street could be moving east onto Missouri Western State University property as part of a deal that could involve building the university a new police station. The City Council will vote on a design contract for the new station at its meeting Monday.

A project that would move St. Joseph’s Fire Station No. 8 farther east and create a new police station for Missouri Western State University could move forward a step next week.

On Monday, the City Council will see a resolution that would approve a design contract with Snyder and Associates LLC for the construction of a new fire station across from the university’s main campus on Mitchell Avenue for $51,760.

The fire station will be built on property owned by the university, which is being leased to the city for 99 years with the condition that the city build a police station for Missouri Western’s police department.

The additional land also will leave room for the creation of training facilities for the city’s fire department.

Chief Training Officer for the St. Joseph Fire Department Bill Lamar said the department has lacked a designated training spot for some time.

“That’s been one of our struggles in the department, we haven’t had a training facility for decades, and so we have no location dedicated for fire training,” Lamar said. “With this location, that will give us the space, if we can, to get some type of training facility built for the firefighters.”

He said the recent relocation of Stations Nos. 9 and 11 will provide for adequate coverage of the area that the current Station No. 8, located on Mitchell Avenue near 33rd Street, serves.

However, he said moving Station No. 8 farther east would help bring fire and rescue crews to an area that needs improvement in coverage, and is seeing an uptick in population growth.

“We need to have better fire coverage on the eastern side of the interstate,” Lamar said. “Right now, only one fire station is on the east side of, basically, 36th Street ... Having another station out on the other side of the interstate will be beneficial to anyone who lives in that area.”

The City Council approved the land agreement with the university in early October.

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