A Chillicothe, Missouri, woman has been charged with child abuse after allegedly shaking and dropping a 3-month-old girl.

Beatrice Anderson was charged with child abuse resulting in serious physical injury after she allegedly confessed to shaking the infant during a feeding session.

Investigators were brought onto the case after the baby was transported to Children’s Mercy from Hedrick Medical Center for breathing issues. A babysitter caring for the child had called an ambulance after the infant reportedly was struggling to breathe, was screaming in pain, was unable to drink milk and appeared to experience seizure-like activity, according to court documents.

Anderson and her husband were brought in for questioning after a physician told investigators that the bruising, brain bleeds and retinal bleeding were consistent with injuries to a shaken baby or a baby who had been thrown or hit. While Anderson’s husband was able to pass a lie detector test, the woman was not, according to court documents.

Upon questioning, Anderson initially said that she was unaware of how the baby had been injured, then later said she had accidentally dropped the infant while feeding her and didn’t remember much about that night, court documents said. She later allegedly confessed to shaking the baby to calm her down.

Anderson is being held on a $50,000 all cash bond at the Daviess/DeKalb Regional Jail.

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