Sergeant Christopher Irvin photo

Sergeant Christopher Irvin talks to a group of young football players Wednesday at Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western.

The last day of Chiefs training camp today brings a special event for our nation’s men and women who serve: Military Appreciation Day.

The day has been taking place for the last several years at camp and the Chiefs don’t overlook it.

“They really bring the whole nine,” U.S. Army Sgt. Christopher Irvin said.

Irvin mentioned how last year on appreciation day there was awful weather but the players still stayed out and supported the troops.

“Last year the weather was terrible. I mean, it poured the entire time,” Irvin said.“The team, they were still good sports and they still practiced. We got on the field afterward even though it was pouring rain, none of the players left.”

At today’s practice, Chiefs players and fans will notice a lot of uniformed military members walking around the camp and in the VIP tents. This day draws a lot of military out because of what happens after practice.

“After the practice, generally, what they do is they bring all service members who attend onto the field,” Irvin said. “We do a big, encouraging huddle with the team. Some soldiers from different branches receive awards.”

Since Irvin attended last year and talked with the players, he has a good idea of what to expect today. One thing he did not expect was for the players to be so down to earth.

“I met Chris Conley and Justin Houston. I got to talk to Patrick Mahomes,” Irvin said. “ It is not idolizing them, but they were just regular people for that one moment. That was what I loved about it the most.

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