After a half century of waiting, the Lombardi Trophy has arrived in Kansas City, along with the champions of the Super Bowl LIV.

Only a few hours after departing from Miami, the Chiefs arrived at Kansas City International Airport on Monday afternoon, still celebrating the victory over San Francisco. Coach Andy Reid led the procession out of the plane, wearing a Hawiian-style shirt and an ear-to-ear smile.

Following the first-time Super Bowl winner was his team, with each player touching the coveted trophy for the first time on Missouri ground.

Also arriving from Miami throughout the day, were the fans who were there to cheer on their team during Sunday’s game. Irfan Handoo, a Kansas City local, said the win was something he’d dreamed of for years.

“I’m from Kansas City. grew up here, lifelong Chiefs fan,” Handoo said. “We've been waiting for this day since we were kids. So pretty it’s amazing to see.”

For one fan arriving at KCI on Monday afternoon, the victory was a little more personal. Will Shields, former Chiefs offensive lineman and football Hall of Famer, said he was happy to see his team and city get the win.

“It's one of those honors, especially me being a person that lives here in Kansas City, to be a part of it and say, ‘You know, hey, that's a great, great lineage of what they've done to help that organization.'"

Both Handoo and Shields said they really enjoyed their time in Miami, where they said there were plenty of like-minded people.

“Miami did an amazing job hosting the Super Bowl,” Handoo said. “It was an awesome vibe. I mean, everywhere you went between the Chief’s Pep Rally downtown at Bayfront Park, you'd see just red and Chiefs fans everywhere.”

“They made it feel like a home game,” Shields said. “It was there, you heard the chant and you heard what was going on. And that's one thing that was really important as far as having that ability to be able to bring all those people to travel along for one cause.”

Those fans are sure to show up again on Wednesday for the Chiefs Kingdom Champions Parade at Union Station.

“Oh, yeah, of course!” Handoo said. “All schools in Kansas City are closed. There's projected to probably be more than a million people there this Wednesday. It's gonna be pretty amazing.”

Watch the Kansas City Chiefs arrive at KCI after winning Super Bowl LIV.

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