Garland Nelson case

Pam Diemel, the mother of Nicholas and Justin, and Diane Collier, their aunt, exit the Caldwell County Courthouse on Thursday after a hearing. Garland Joseph Nelson, the suspect in the case, will next appear in court sometime in February.

The case of Garland Nelson, the man accused of killing two Wisconsin brothers after a cattle deal gone wrong, appears to be inching its way forward.

Nelson has a new lawyer, Public Defender Jane Dunn, who asked Caldwell County Judge Jason Kanoy for more time Thursday. The request was unopposed by Caldwell County Prosecuting Attorney Brady Kopek.

Nicholas and Justin Diemel have been missing since July. They are considered dead by a Wisconsin probate judge.

Nelson will next appear in court on Feb. 6, when a date will be set for a preliminary hearing. Nelson appeared by teleconference for his 10 a.m. hearing on Thursday.

He barely spoke, answering “yes sir” when asked by Kanoy if he could hear the proceedings. He repeated the phrase at the end of the proceedings when the judge asked if he understood his attorney’s request for a continuance.

Other Diemel family members, including Nicholas’ wife, Lisa, were in attendance. In a brief encounter with the press, they said they didn’t have a statement.

In August, Lisa Diemel was given control of the brothers’ livestock business.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Nelson killed the pair after they arrived at Nelson’s farm in Braymer, Missouri, to collect money from a cattle deal. He then disfigured the brothers’ bodies in multiple ways, according to police.

Nelson was initially charged with tampering with a motor vehicle in the days immediately following the brothers’ disappearance. That charge has since been dropped.

However, Nelson faces a host of new charges, including the murder charges.

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