Members of Carden Park’s Honors Choir made their way across St. Joseph on Thursday morning, singing Christmas carols and spreading holiday cheer.

The group of fifth- and sixth-graders visited nursing homes as well as the St. Joseph News-Press, singing their own versions of songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Winter Wonderland.” Considering the choir is an extracurricular that practices after school, choir director Robert Warren said he is especially proud of his musically gifted students.

“They show up because they love to sing,” Warren said. “They bring joy and this is a way of sharing their gift. Touring allows us to kind of go visit our partners, people that partner with our school and that partner with Carden Park, and it gives us a chance to go out and kind of share that Christmas joy.”

The choir itself is an extracurricular activity; students meet two days a week after school to participate. And since school started back up in August, the students have been practicing for their Christmas tour.

And along with many holiday classics, the students also sang “A Million Dreams” from the 2017 musical “The Greatest Showman.” Warren said the lyrics lend themselves especially well to the holidays.

Connie Ocon, who sang one of the solos Thursday morning, said she admires how the choir itself helps to lift the spirits of those around her.

“The fun thing about it is that we get to make (people) feel happy,” she said. “I just think it’s fun because I love singing.”

Warren said his favorite part of this six-year tradition at Carden Park is working with the students and sharing their gift with the community.

“My favorite part is that I get to share my gift and they get to share their gift,” he said. “Educating a group of young people who are just so joyous and very gifted at what they do, that's the great part.”

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