Car Crash St. Joe Ave

The A&T Turner Insurance building on St. Joseph Avenue sustained significant damage after a car accident on Saturday.

A black Mazda sedan crashed into the A&T Turner Insurance building at 2606 St. Joseph Ave. on Saturday afternoon.

The alleged driver, a male, was transported away from the scene by ambulance with minor injuries to his hands, said St. Joseph Police Department Officer Sean Tate.

“He had minor cuts and scrapes to his hand and a cut to his lip,” Tate said.

The building’s north side has significant damage but was empty at the time of the accident. According to Tate, the driver was southbound on St. Joseph Avenue at the time of the incident.

“To my knowledge the building was unoccupied,” Tate said.

The Mazda was towed from the scene, and police expect traffic to return to normal in the next half-hour.

“As of right now I guess the driver kind of spaced out and (was) inattentive and went off the roadway,” Tate said. “We had a one vehicle accident, he was travelling southbound.”

Tate also said that a citation could be issued to the driver, but that one hadn’t been as of 5:30 p.m.